mama's going to milan

Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Emilio Pucci, Valentino, Dolce & Gabanna
All via Style.com.

In primo luogo, devo dire che il mio italiano non รจ molto buono.
I usually don't do runway reviews for a couple reasons:

1. Everyone writes them.
2. They're boring.
3. Actually, that's it.

 So this post is not a runway review. It is simply a note of appreciation for the solid but genius consistency that is Milan Fashion Week, no matter the season, the trends, or what a random teenager on the internet has decided is ~style~.

Ah, Milan. If there ever was a motherland of fashion, you are it. Valentino, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Pucci, GUCCI. All the names the rappers love.  In New York, people will be wearing airplanes as shoes, but D & G will put out see through over dresses with roses, Valentino will be making red dresses, Moschino will be weird but appealing, and everyone will go to Versace just to see Donatella. Everything will seem vaguely exactly like what the designer put out last season, but it will be so beautiful and well done that no one will care. Beautiful Italians will mill about being Italian, and wild parties will happen, but with very little photographic evidence the next day. Then everyone will pull themselves out of bread, eat some carbs, pull their hair into a chic knot, and head out to Paris.

x J   
You do you Milan, you do you.

Ps. Will sing for Dolce & Gabbana. That's all.

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justina + greer | interview

 img via tumblr

I first met Greer Grammer at the 2014 Kids Choice Awards, where we had a conversation centered less around the hit TV show she's starred on since 2011 (you know, that little deal called Awkward) and more around Disney princesses. She was immediately cemented as one of my favorites, and after running into her a few times around town, it was time to bring her to the blog.

Justina : So we're not going to spend a lot of time talking about Awkward, but I feel like there should be at least one question, so how would you sum up Lissa in, say, five words?

Greer : Oh my goodness. Right into the hard questions, huh?


Okay. Bubbly, naive, sweet-minded, religious, cheerleader.

There ya go! Now lets talk about the BIG thing that just happened to you: You were Miss Golden Globe! I was following along on your instagram, it looked like it involved a lot of early mornings!

Yes, a LOT of early mornings, I got to be part of the nominations announcement, which was so exciting. The fact that it goes live for East Coast time means we had to start at, you know, five in the morning here.


Yeah, so in order to be hair and makeup ready, I had to be up at 3:30 in the morning. I have a hard time sleeping, so I usually got to bed around 2, so waking up around 3:30 was not great for me. That same day, we finished around nine, and I came home, slept for about an hour and a half, then head over to Melissa and Joey, because I was working there, and live shoot my episode. I was running on like two hours of sleep. It was so much fun though. I got to do that, I got to do the red carpet roll out at 7 in the morning. It was really exciting though, being the first person to walk on the red carpet.  I just wanted to really enjoy everything that came with it. 

This year the Golden Globes were hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for the ~last~ time - do you have a favorite movie or show of theirs?

Well it's funny, because Parks and Rec is actually paused on my television right now. Yeah, Parks and Rec, and I LOVE 30 Rock. I had watched all of 30 Rock on Netflix, and then started right in on Parks and Rec. It's SUCH a good show. Also currently, my friends and I are all obsessed with Baby Mama. it's hilarious. 

Oh god it definitely is. Do you have any funny backstage moments from the show? Even though you were on stage for most of it.

Oh my gosh there are so many. Well, Matthew McConnaughey kissed me on the cheek when we were back stage. Oprah told me I was beautiful. I got to meet Meryl Streep, and she was so lovely. 

I probably would have been reduced to jelly if Oprah even looked at me, so...

Oh I wasn't expecting it at all. She was brought backstage, to present for Selma, by the official stage manager, who happens to be a dear friend of mine. All of a sudden it was "Oh, Oprah, this is Miss Golden Globes", and she says "You are so beautiful, you are beautiful in all ways, you are beautiful front-ways, sideways, down ways, just all ways." and all I could say was "oh thank you".

Talking to Oprah is a bit like being blessed, isn't it?

Yeah, I will never have any self doubting moments ever again.

You did do a fantastic job. You didn't trip, which is *obviously* the main goal.

Yes! We actually shortened the dress just a little to make sure it was super-walkable.

Somewhere in the depths of the internet, I read that you really enjoy Mad Men, which is very different than Awkward. Is that the sort of acting you'd like to move into? 

That's hard to say. I do like Mad Men, and I've gone on a lot of castings where I've been told I have the look to do historical dramas like that, so it's certainly something I'd be interested in, but I also love shows like Friends, or Melissa and Joey. I really enjoy the live audiences. I'd also love to do something like Scandal. I mean, Scandal is great. 

I think you should just all of them. Everything. All of the everything.

I think so too.

Following that - if you could slip in  as a main character on any show, where would you go?

Once Upon a Time.

You want to be a princess?

I want to be a princess. I really wanted to be Anna when they were casting it, but that didn't happen. 
The first season was so amazing, and everything really well done and thought out all the way. 

Did they have a Rapunzel on Once upon a Time?

They did! They did one episode on Rapunzel. 

I remember the very first time we talked, at the Kids Choice Awards, you were telling me about how much you enjoy Tangled! I will probably never forget that conversation for as long as I live. I figured everyone else was going to ask you about your dress and your latest role, etc,  so we could just talk about Disney Movies, and you were the only one who said Tangled. I think it was just because at the time, everyone else was still stuck on Frozen.

Listen, I loved Frozen. Frozen was great, and I watched it several, several, several times, not denying it, but I liked Tangled better. It's more fun to me. 

It's quite rollicking. Frozen is just sort of like this eternal hunt. They're always looking for stuff. 


I wanted to talk to you about graduating from USC, because that was a pretty impressive feat. You were at school, in a sorority, and filming Awkward.

I was raised in a family where that was just always what was expected. We never talked about taking a year off or dropping out  to work(even thought that would have made it easier). I wanted to graduate with my friends, and be a part of everything, and it was just such an amazing experience. I learned so much, besides the school-school stuff.

And you pulled it off! Yay!

Hahaha yes!

Lightning round:

Did you have a New Years Resolution?

You know, my new years resolution almost every year is to just be proactive and present, and work out every day (which I can already tell you is not happening). Just really enjoy moments, and not get too caught up or rushed.

What is the best career or life advice anyone has ever given you?

It kind of goes hand in hand with what I said - My dad always tells me that as long as I enjoy acting to keep doing it, but if I ever don't, that there's no point in continuing. I think that goes for everything. If there's something you're passionate about, do it, but if that passion isn't there, find something else to do.

Last question: what is something you have always wanted to answer, but no one has ever asked?

Oh my goodness. The only one I can think of right now is Disney ones! I guess...

*line disconnects*

I said something! But it disconnected right as I said it. You've actually asked me this, but "What is your favorite Disney movie and why?".I like to ask people that, because it tells you a lot about them, but I'd like to be asked more often.

I'm in the clear then.

You can follow Greers adventures/talk to her about disney movies on twitter + instagram! (@greer_grammer)

x J

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Justina's thoughts from the oscars

 This years Oscars were both the weirdest and best award show of the season yet. Buzzfeed favorited + retweeted me twice, which should tell you everything you need to know. But now, our favorite part : the real talk thoughts. This version is not only extended, but if you click the number, you'll find a corresponding live-tweet. Snaz-zay As always, in a no-particular-order particular order. 

1. Yo, Neil Patrick Harris, I'm really excited for you, and imma let you start, but Ellen had the best Oscars of all time. *kanye shrug*

2. I didn't watch the red carpet but I already know Emma Stone's dress is the best.

3. HAH I was right.

4. I never think musical narrative opening monologues are necessary, but if they have to exist, NPH should do them all.

5. I feel like Wes Anderson is playing some massive joke and that bellboys with pastries singing 60's beach music are going to pop out of my television.

6. Emma Stone told Al Roker her dress was "guacamole". Unclear if color description or new slang.

7.  This polish director got music'd off, then music'd back on, and never broke his speech. He's a legend.


9. If you ever think your life is bad, just remember out there somewhere is a person who seated Oprah five rows back at the Oscars.

10. Why is this award show so long? Don't these people want to watch Downton Abbey?
 11. The Rock + Zoe Saldana are my new OTP and no one can change that.

12. Terence Howard doesn't feel emotions - he IS the emotions.

13. Meryl Streep will outlive us all. 

14. Common + John Legend = best speech/suits/performance of emotionally charged content.
      (I know I wasn't the only person out here who had no idea who "Lonnie Lynn" was.)

15.  I forgot Gaga could sing, and it took the Sound of Music to bring me back.

16. Julie Andrews can be the Queen of any country I live in whenever she'd like.

17. Graham Moore is the smoothest man out here and managed to bring the realest moment of the night in less than a minute.

18. Inarritu. Inarritu. INaRITtu. InariTTU. 

19.  Eddie Redmayne is adorable in so many ways but The Theory of Everything was heart-shattering.

20. Neil, no one cares about your predictions. No one. Least of all Octavia Spencer.

Final thoughts:
1. Where is Jennifer Lawrence???
2. Ellen did it better.

x J 

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two pieces of work

shirt and pant set c.o. element eden
purse : new look
shoes : havent the slightest
sunnies : zerouv

I'll admit it: I wasn't feeling the matchy-matchy set thing when everyone else was. I just couldn't see myself running around in a "structured" crop top and skirt. The pants ones were even worse, with some abstract top deal and then ADULT WOMAN pants. You know what I'm talking about. But of course, because they're magic fairies who possibly dabble in whatever black magic they need to always churn out such good stuff, the girls at Element Eden have gotten me hooked with this fun deal from their collaboration with Wildflower. This button down vaguely reminiscent of my Iowa plaid, but a little more fun and guuurly. True to their skater roots, it's also made out of a nice thick material, so if you fall off a skate board (or, more likely if you're me, thin air) your limbs are safe from scratches, or worse, tears. The pants are cut in a sort of tapered jogger, and I was honestly at such a loss as to how to dress them, because I am weird about ankles, but they just sort of...worked. They're also made of a nice soft cozy material that doesn't cling to you like it's related to plastic wrap. All day I felt alternately like I was cheating, because hello, these are socially acceptable nearly-pyjamas, and like I was the most sophisticated person alive. My clothes match more than your clothes na na na na na na.

This outfit was definitely a step outside of the box for me, which is strange, because it seems so simple. My immediate instinct when I saw the shirt was to grab my levis and my cowboy boots and go... well, as full country as I can. (Closer to half than full) But now that I've worn it, it's beginning to grow on me. Don't expect to see my belly button any time soon though, I've outwaited Taylor Swift.

x J

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happy birthday hairties

 emi-jay ties - emi-jay
watch - casio

Dear Emi-Jay ties,

Happy 6th Birthday! You're growing right up. I wanted to write you an open letter and say thank you. Thank you for being the only one who can slightly restrain my mass of curls. Thank you for not making dents, dings, or crimps. Thank you for keeping my buns round and my ponytails tailing. Thank you for surviving the assaults of hairspray, conditioner, and the occasional stray bobby pin. Thanks for understanding that my hair should be on my head and not wrapped around you when I take you out.  Thanks for not snapping in the middle of a presentation, flying across the room, and snapping someone in the forehead. That was pretty legit of you.  You're my most functional and necessary accessory, and you're the product of two serious girl bosses. Overall, you're the real MVP.

Wishing you many more years of using hand tied knots to not knot.

x Justina

ps. guys this isn't even a joke I'm obsessed

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now is everything

jacket c.o. Adidas NEO
shoes: asos
jeans c.o. Almost Famous 
top : vintage Ralph Lauren

Let's talk about living in the moment. Fantastic concept. How often do we not do it when we could? You know you've had one of those days where you looked at the skirt you actually wanted to wear and thought "Nah, pants are normal. Normal people wear pants". Or you've gone out and heard your favorite song play over the sound system and started singing along, only to catch a totally random glance from a stranger and immediately feel like you've just been chanting to some ~dark force~. And remember that time you just wanted to go to the movies with your friends, but everyone was bricked up for the next six months with practices and work and school and meetings and audiences with the Queen of England? It's no fun, and you usually regret it six days later when you realize "Actually, everyone would have been super impressed with me nailing every verse of "Rap God"."

I know it's just wiiildly unbelievable, but this happens to me every single day. I forget that right now is the time to do stuff, not next Tuesday at 3. I don't wear outfits I like, not because I'm worried about practicality (Mum), but because I think "oh there will be another time to wear it, I'm just going to school." Well, the buck stops here. (I've always wanted to say that.) It's time to seize the day, seize the moment, seize the now. Buy the sunglasses, dance to the song, laugh at the joke that no one else got. Goon the road trip, wear that eyeshadow,  just generally do your thang. Wear the shoes, even if everyone says they look like they escaped from the LEGO movie.

 I wore this outfit to go outside (*gasp*) and inflict my extraordinarily awkward dancing upon the innocent public for Adidas NEO's #NOWISEVERYTHING campaign. It is, of course, extremely graceful and well choreographed and not at all reminiscent of a baby giraffe, but I think I'll spare you all the same. It was also, strangely, extremely freeing. Once you get over the fact that you are dancing, in public, by yourself, to music no on else can hear, you notice that

a. nobody cares


b. you're having a lot of fun.

Sort of explains a lot about Taylor Swift, doesn't it?

x J 

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line up

photos taken + color edited with a fujifilm x30 | earrings c.o. stella and bow

hey look at this totally not cliche in the slightest eyeliner beauty tutorial

I always tell you guys to tell me what you want to see on the blog, and sometimes it only takes me six months to get around to it. So Zoe, here is your everyday eyeliner tutorial! I tried to make a super cute and over saturated video where I talked a lot about really LOVING my eyeliner and LOVING my lipstick and LOVING M.A.C but you guys know me too well. Darn. So instead, here is a subtle and tastefully shot series of photographs.

1| Don't have eyeliner on. Do have eyeshadow on. Pick whatever color you like.
2| Draw a semi-straight ish line from your inner eye out to the outer middle of your eyelid (that's technical talk right there).
3| Flick, don't drag, an itty bitty baby line from the end of your actual eye to the end of your new eyeliner eye.
5| Be fierce. Blue Steel.

Ta da, you've got eyeliner sharper than me.

x J

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clover + sunshine

#teenvogue jeans: forever 21 | top c.o. element eden | sunnies: zerouv | shoes c.o lulus

It's still January, right? I didn't somehow sleep through six months of 2015 and land in June? Even for California, this is getting ridiculous. I don't even remember what my own eyes look like because it's been so long since I've seen my face without sunglasses. And yet, Florida is the sunshine state. k sure.

I found these jeans on a rack in Forever21, and though they were ridiculously overpriced and I told myself I definitely would not be buying them under any circumstances, I somehow magically ended up with them at the register. I was starting to panic a bit because as much as I needed these, I didn't NEED them. But I was committed, right? How much power was I giving this judgey cashier who was staring me down?? Was I about to star in a sequel to Confessions of a Shopaholic? I decided to suck it up. Then, she rang it up and said ""$4.96". Guys, I have NEVER moved myself and my purchases that fast out of a store. You know, in case they changed their mind or something. It was a solid steal: they've got a bit of a pattern that keeps them from being basic blue jeans, but doesn't put them in the "cheetah print jeggings" category. Goals.

At the risk of sounding like Gwyneth Paltrow/a middle aged lifestyle/beauty blogger, lately I have really been getting on my lipstick collection, and while I haven't found that one yet, I thought I'd just periodically update you guys.  I have currently landed on MAC "All Fired Up", which is a bit bouncier and pinker than my usual "vampire hunter death shade", as my brother has lightly termed it. Just means they won't see it coming.

I feel like time is moving faster,
 but that might also be because it's taking me so long to write this post.

x J

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justina x danny | interview

a danny in the wild

 Usually I find art and then become interested in the person who made it. With my new homie Danny, it was the other way around. I stumbled across his Instagram, and immediately wanted to know about this boy with the fluffy hair, insane nature photos, and propensity for cuddling with cats. I got him on skype, and we talked about the internet, eyebrows, and what I haven't done since I was eleven.

Justina:  Do you have a favorite hashtag?
Danny: Honestly I don't really use hashtags - lately just the #Suedeponytail one.
Well that's a perfect segue to the next question - what's up with the ponytail thing? There's no story behind it?
There isn't! I just really like ponytails.
 I was going to get ~involved~ and try to do a ponytail and then I realized that I'd kind of look like Sonic the Hedgehog.
Hey, that could have been cool. 
Other people get really into it! They love you on twitter, and then yesterday I swear I got off and came back and your twitter drama had gone through the roof. Does that happen a lot?
Not a lot, maybe just like...every two weeks? 
And that's not a lot?
Not really. I think - people meet me in person, and they think "oh he's a nice guy", and you know, I'm not on Twitter sometimes. I'm not mean, but it's not how I am in real life at all. It's all easier when you're sitting on one side of a screen. You're trying to be someone, you've got to play the part. Act cooler than you are, you know?
It gets pretty intense, there are people saying some nasty stuff.
I know, it's not usually that bad but..whatever. I mean, I'm doing my thing.
Well now that we've got the light fluffy stuff out of the way, let's get serious: Instagram. Do you have favorite accounts?
Hmm. I follow the account of this guy named Joe Greer and Cory Crawford (@coryacrawford). I met Cory through my band a while ago, and he just goes on these crazy adventures, and his instagram is the coolest. Joe Greer does kind of the same thing - they just adventure and take amazing pictures of the places and people they meet. They're both really classy dudes. Then there's people I just follow because they're my homies. Carlos - he's this dude I just met on tour, he's probably the coolest human I've ever met and he's doing the same thing, just taking photos of his travels, sneaking into abandoned buildings and stuff.
You take some pretty amazing photos yourself - what does your editing process look like? Or are they just come-as-you-are?
Well on tour I usually take the photos with my camera, then use the wifi to connect it to my phone, edit it in the photoshop app, then post it. Usually. Otherwise, I'll put them on my computer, edit them with Lightroom or Photoshop, and Dropbox them to myself. It just depends. 
If you could go photograph on tour with anyone, who would it b-
Reliant K.
Yes. They were my first concert in like the eight grade. I did three weeks in public school, came home and said "I'm never going back" and I didn't. I started online school, and for like three years -my brother had downloaded all their discography ever, so like all their albums, singles, everything - that's all I listened to. Three years. It never got old. I waited three hours after their concert to meet them and get a signature. I have signed drum sticks! Other than that - Five Seconds of Summer, Bieber, anything like that I'd really enjoy, because when I shoot a concert, the thing that will make the photos is the lights.  If there's really good lights, and a lot of them, I can get the coolest pictures out of it. Those massive tours have lights everywhere, it'd be great. Justin Bieber's tours are insane, the stuff they do.
Have you been?
No, my brother and I actually went and saw his second movie on Christmas, and it was awesome.
Well that's a another thing - people seem to skate on your brother (Crown the Empire drummer Benn Suede), but you guys do different stuff.
It's half and half. I'm as well known as I am because of him, he's the one who brought me out on tour. I don't think it's a bad thing. I'd be stupid to be like "Oh I don't want to piggyback off my brothers success, so I'm just not gonna do anything". So it's an opportunity, and I view it as that. We have a great relationship, and it's a perfect situation.
Was there a tour stop where you felt like you took the best photos?
California was just cool - we had a buck of dates, but LA was sick, we ended up having two off days, and we shot a music video, so that was a lot of fun. Other than that, Boston, Houston, New York, those we my favorites.
Do you have a favorite place in LA?
I wouldn't say I have a favorite place, just all the people, artist, musicians. It's just cool. I'm not comfortable in public usually, just in like crowds and stores and stuff, but in LA there's just so many weird people that I don't feel weird about myself. You could be the weirdest person, and you're still normal there, because there's so many people weirder than you. I like that.

Lightning round:
What's the best advice anyone has ever given you?
It wasn't really spoken advice, but just from watching my brother do his thing, he's inspired a lot. If there's something you want to do, just do it, work as hard as you can, be positive, no excuses.
I like that you two work together so well because you do separate things.
 Yeah, we're a really good team.
What is your hair routine like?
Zero. I literally don't do anything. Once in a while I'd man-bun it, but it's too short now.
That's unfair.
My brother is usually in there with like the blowdryer and stuff and I'm just like nah
What's your favorite place in the world?  
I'm a traveler, so I'm all about going everywhere I can go, and seeing everything I can see. Honestly, I probably haven't discovered my favorite place yet. I went to Belize for three weeks, on a mission trip, and fed people and lived with them and that's probably one of my favorite places. Or just on a mountain, with a gorgeous landscape, and the quiet, looking out at creation. That's my favorite place.
You might almost convince me to go camping - I haven't been since I was eleven.
That's sad. That's an outrage.
We have a camper van and everything too. 
See, I have a little hammock and I'm all about that, I just take my little hammock and hang it up, sleep in it. Those are the best places. No cell reception, no people. It's amazing.
You're a pretty positive person. Any Oprah-esque tips?
I used to meditate a lot. I spent a lot of time in my head being chill and just clearing my mind. I used to have a lot of anxiety, and now I have this mentality that whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen, so it's no use worrying about it. I'm gonna be dead one day, and nothings worth not being happy.
Final one: Cheese Its or Goldfish?
Regular cheese its, but flavor blasted Goldfish.
Adventure into Danny's world via instagram  (@danny_suede) and twitter (@danny_suede). You can also order prints of all his work on his website www.suedephotography.com/. 

x J

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in the praise of hair

photos taken with fujifilm x30 | earrings c.o stella & bow

This is just a post for me to spill out a bunch of random thoughts I've been thinking.

1. This is my new favorite hairstyle. I don't know why, but it is.

I have sO MUCH HAIR. I feel like it has honestly doubled, and there was already quite a bit of it. I've only been back at school only one day and already managed to snag it on the back of my desk seat four times. Four. TIMES. My Italian professor thinks it's hilarious. She also thinks my attempts at speaking Italian are hilarious, but that's a story for another time.

2. We've almost made it through a whole month of 2015! YAY US. Someone get a cake.

3. I know I haven't done any outfit posts yet and am a Shame To The Fashion Blogging Nation, but IN MY DEFENSE all I have worn lately is stripes and Dr. Martens, and I'm not in denial about how boring that'll get after a while. I'll make it up in February, promise. Just like you can make up for all the times you've already "forgotten" your new years resolutions. I see you.

4. Lately, I've been getting a lot of emails from you guys and I LOVE it. I love hearing about where you're from, and your prom dress options, and seeing pictures of your pets. Y'all are a pretty legit squad. Except you with the teacup Chihuahua - that's not a real dog.

5. There are so many great things happening that I can't tell you about yet. If it ever seems like I'm half-arsing it, just know that the other half is involved in some cool CIA-level secret stuff.

x J

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